week 12 – the end :(

May 13, 2019

Hi for the last time, unfortunately 🙁

I’ve finally finished up the website (after weeks of work) and moved everything to the cloud so it can be displayed on any machine, which is exciting. That’s pretty much all I did this week, other than work on the presentation.

This project has been such an amazing experience, and not only have I learned a lot about the issue of police misconduct itself, but I’ve been able to improve my own research and interview skills. I truly enjoyed all of the work I did and I’m very proud of the final project that I have to show for it.

I hope that, as the idea of having a national police crime database becomes more widespread, we will eventually be able to have this system implemented. I plan to reach out with this idea to different organizations that advocate for increased police accountability, and hopefully discuss how I personally can help in advocating for this solution.

Thank you to everyone for reading!

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