Melanoma Week 12

May 12, 2019

Last week of research!! This was easily the most stressful week of all because of the final project being just a week away. I had several calls with Dr. Nguyen, my outside advisor, to talk about what results I have to show and what a poster I make about my findings should look like. I had a meeting with Dr. Murthy in which we talked about who knows the stages of the cell samples, as I do not, and upon talking to Dr. Nguyen, I learned that Dr. Singh, my other external advisor, is the only one who knows which stage each slide that I have annotated is at. This is to ensure that there is no bias in the annotations with me drawing longer nuclei because of a knowledge of the sample stage and a preconceived notion or theory to prove.

Working on annotations was put on hold as I prioritized the actual project itself: the presentation and its logistics. My QSI plots are finally all done and ready to go, and I’m ready to show people what I have been working on for the past few months. This was an incredible journey that I was honored to experience with Dr. Murthy and Dr. Nguyen, as well as Dr. Singh!

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