week 11 – nearing the end

May 06, 2019

Hello! As we race towards the finish line, I can’t help but feel excited/nervous/happy to present my findings with all of you. In the mean time I’ve been doing some more experiments, working on my slides, and practicing my presentation. Before the final blog post however, I wanted to talk about future directions afterwards! It’s been a blast writing these blogs and taking the time to reflect each week. Definitely more personal and characteristic based than the scrappy notes I write in my lab notebook. I’ve had so much fun meeting new people, learning new things, and eating lots of free food. Anddd.. I can’t wait to continue doing this during the summer! Ahhhh our lab is on the top floor and we don’t have AC so that might be a problem , but it’s worth the sweaty pits and summer fatigue :’) .  I think I will have to just stand in the cold room (a big refrigerated room) the whole day. OH, and meeting even more new people! Some of our current lab members are leaving for grad school, jobs, etc. but we have new members coming in from Norway (!!) , Santa Barbara, and Brazil. Should be very interesting.




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