The One Where We Wrap it Up

May 06, 2019

The last sections of the manuscript are the results and discussion.

The results section is where the results are reported (kinda obvious). The results need to be stated without bias or interpretation here. The data should be arranged in a logical order. When I was writing this section, I had to plan out what I wanted to convey with my data. With this in mind, I arranged and captioned the results. For example, if I wanted to highlight a point, I would use words like “significant”, but if I wanted a certain piece of data to be less highlighted, I would use words like “modest”.

Right after the results section is the discussion section of the manuscript. This is where you interpret and discuss the significance of the results. You can also explain any new understandings or insights learned after seeing the findings. The section should connect back to the original hypothesis and introduction. I think this section is the most important one, as it is where you explore the underlying meaning of the research and you present the impact of the study. I found this section to be the hardest to write because it required an endless amount of figuring out what I wanted to convey in my manuscript.

After finishing these sections, my manuscript is complete!

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