Week 11: Just Presentation stuff

May 05, 2019

Hi guys,

So this week was pretty standard because I was just finalizing my final presentation. It’s super long right now because there are like 22 slides and I talk too much so I need to cut a lot of it down. Oh and also, my final project is supposed to be a paper and it’s still going to be a paper but I didn’t really know what to do with it. I wanted to do something like a lab report but you know project really isn’t a science project so I decided that it would be a paper that outlined the journey. So there will probably be sections like “Goals” “Services” “Research” things like that rather than your standard “Questions” “Hypothesis” thing.

So for this week, that was pretty much it. But guys, this has been such a great experience and you know how we go to normal doctors offices? Mobile Clinics are completely different. They really give you an opportunity to integrate yourself into community that you serve.

Sorry for the super short and not very informative entry this week.


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