Designing: Making PowerPoints, Editing, Presenting (Week 11)

May 05, 2019

Hello to all the blog readers!

Week 11 remained a very busy week, as it consisted of me creating my PowerPoint slides. I presented my first draft of the slides on Thursday, 2 May 2019, to a group of students and teachers. It was fairly successful, and I got lots of constructive feedback. I will be sure to practice my presentation a little more, and work on trimming down extra explanatory information to give time for showing screenshots of the completed application. My timing was exactly 10 minutes, so I will try to reduce it to make a cushion, just in case something goes wrong in the real presentation.

On the development side, I gave it a brief pause, but the GUI needs a little polish. That will be mostly finished in next week. I realized that my demo application might not work on a hotel Wi-Fi, as well as not in the school, so I might make a video to demonstrate it.

This week’s blog post was short, but I hope to come back next week with the fully ready product!

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