Week 11 – Finishing Up

May 01, 2019

This past week was spent primarily working on my presentation. Compiling everything was relatively easy–I’ve been keeping a “journal” of sorts for my blog post drafts and project notes, and I referred to it extensively.

Beyond my presentation, I’ve also been looking into different kinds of software to help me code the hypernym/hyponym method. At my advisor meeting with Mrs. Bhattacharya, she recommended to me that I use Beautiful Soup, a web scraper. Even if I’m not able to finish the hypernym/hyponym method by the presentation date, I still intend to use Beautiful Soup to help me code it. The hypernym/hyponym method requires that I look at words that occur frequently with one another. In order to classify the phrase “fertile imagination” as metaphorical or literal, for example, we take “imagination” and see if it has any hypernym/hyponym relationships with the nouns that occur frequently with “fertile.” COCA, the Corpus of Contemporary American Literature, displays these co-ocurrences, but costs around $300 to download. The information, however, is displayed on the website. I hope to use Beautiful Soup to help me get the information I need off of the website.

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