Week 11: Testing Out A New Classifier

Apr 29, 2019

During Week 11, I met my external advisor to discuss what progress I have made in the previous week. He advised me to test out a different classifier, the RandomForestClassifier, to see if I could obtain better results from it. I integrated QuickML’s RandomForestClassifier into my project but did not get good results. I got around 40%-50% accuracy, precision, and recall using the RandomForestClassifier, whereas I got around 70%-75% accuracy, precision, and recall using Stanford’s Linear Classifier. I will keep testing the RandomForestClassifier all of next week to see if there is any way I can get better results. I will try to change the parameters for the classifier to see if it makes a difference in my results.

Also, throughout the week, I worked on my senior project presentation and started to practice how I would present.

Thanks for reading!

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