Week 11: Fully Playable, need to add audio

Apr 29, 2019

I’ve made some changes to the game that are pretty important, and resulted in me changing the plot of my game. The player is still finding himself in a room in another world, but instead of a killer clown and the like, I’m keeping it simple, a normal ghost that goes in set patterns. If the player runs into the ghost, they die. Designing an AI for specific use felt like too much for my game, and as time grows closer crunch time is starting to really kick in. I’ve forgone designing a working, fully functional AI, and deciding a simpler enemy makes it a lot simpler. I am slightly sad I won’t be able to abuse a chase type scare, but oh well. I’ve written up voiceover scripts for the dialogue in the game, and while I have a crappy set of dialogue, it’s not quite what I want in the final version of the game, so I’ll be meeting with Mr. Dias this week to finish things up and record the dialogue.

Here’s a few screenshots from the opening room of the game! You’ll have to play to see the rest 😉

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