Week 10: Results and Money part 1

Apr 29, 2019

At the time of posting Avengers Endgame just hit theaters, but I have collected over 300 results from my survey, which should provide a picture of what kinds of movies people were most likely to watch, and the effect the websites had on them. This will be broken into 3 parts depending on which aspect of the findings it represents.

Part 1. Popularity

  1. The most popular movie since 2018 was Captain Marvel, with 56 people reported watching, followed by Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Bumblebee
  2. Out of the three, Captain Marvel had the biggest change in overall enjoyment, mostly trending in the negative direction. Meanwhile, both Bumblebee and Spider-verse had an overall positive increase in reported enjoyment, though it was a small change
  3. The other movies had less than 15 reported views over the timeframe provided.

The popularity of Captain Marvel is definitely in part to the previously discussed influence of hype, and likely because of the hype effect had the biggest variation in enjoyment, with people flipping between significant enjoyment or people losing enjoyment due to the movie not fitting their expectations. Spider-verse and Bumblebee were movies that did not initially have significant hype behind it, but were mostly positively received by their comparatively smaller audiences. This perception may have been influenced by online reviews, but this will be discussed in a different part.

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