Week 10: Finishing the Paper

Apr 29, 2019

During this past week, I spent many hours working on the final paper. Additionally, I modified my presentation.

In the past, I wrote research papers for lab-based projects, but this senior project paper has proven to be more challenging than previous papers. Due to the fact that my project dealt with neuroscience, a brain training platform, and dancers with different specialties, the paper had to be more detailed. In the past, my subjects of experimentation were fruit flies, therefore undermining the importance of sections of the paper concerning demographics. To make matters more complicated, I left my computer unattended for a few hours, only to find it soaked in water….should I call it sabotage?

As for my presentation, I decided which graphs should be included. The graphs are 90% completed, and due to the fact that my external mentor is in Texas for the next two weeks, it’s up to me to finish it up!

I can’t believe that senior project is almost over and soon my high school days will be over!

UntilĀ  next week,


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