Results and Money part 3

Apr 29, 2019

This discussion of the third aspect of the results, the actual usage of the aggregate websites, or what substitutes were used.

  1. The most commonly used website cited was Rotten Tomatoes, with very few people using Metacritic. These are the most commonly sited websites when it comes to critical aggregates, so I made sure to put these up front when asking about the aggregate sites that people used.
  2. Out of 300 people (at the time of writing), 50 people cited an online review as the prime instigator for going to view a movie, while the other 250 people used a different source.
  3. Out of the 300 people, 101 people reported using an online site to further research their movie, in contrast to the 199 people who did not.

In contrast to my theory, very few people used an online site, with most using other methods. I will discuss this further, but as an overview, my theories were mostly refuted from these findings.

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