Results and Money part 2

Apr 29, 2019

The second part of the discussion is about the audience of the movies. Once again I will use the top 3 movies, Captain Marvel, Bumblebee, and Spider-verse as the examples. This includes age range, and location of audience (US or worldwide)

  1. (Likely skewed because of the larger audience) Captain Marvel had the widest range of audience, with people from the youngest to the oldest ages. On the other hand, Bumblebee mostly appealed to the youngest audience, under 18 years old, while Spider-verse appealed to the same group, but also to the slightly older 18-24 range.
  2. Most of the people I sent the survey to were across the internet, thereby I had no way to determine the location of the surveyed. While most people were located in the US, some of them were from overseas. To properly determine demographics, worldwide box office totals would be better to confirm.

Interestingly, from the age demographics, it can be seen that most people gravitate towards the big blockbuster movies, which can appeal to people in any age group with their less situational themes. However, smaller animated films about popular franchises also have a wide range of appeal.

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  1. Partha V. says:

    Interesting there is so much science behind movies Allister!

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