#11 – writing writing writing

Apr 29, 2019

Hello reader!

The past week have been busy for me. After spending 3 days in Seattle, I started writing my final product — the news article — on Thursday and Friday. I also came up with an outline for my presentation.

I’ve never written a news article before, so I read article written by famous journalists and just random articles on New York Times to see how they structure their content and how they insert quotes or dialogues. I pulled out quotes from each category/theme I wanted to write about and basically worked on how to connect the quotes. It’s been interestingly but also extremely challenging for me to piece together the quotes, figure out the order that I’m gonna write in, and transition between different themes. I’ll finish the rough draft this week along with the presentation, and hopefully I’ll be able to revise a couple of times next week along with making visual aids for my presentation.


3 Replies to “#11 – writing writing writing”

  1. Serina K. says:

    Good job on the news article!

  2. Rithvik A. says:

    You’re almost done! YAY!

  3. Heather Nagami says:

    Great work! You are getting there.

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