10- I’m running out of titles with the word “Data”

Apr 29, 2019

Hey Guys! Guess what? I fell sick- again!!!!!!

When I wasn’t desperately clinging to my blankets for warmth and survival, I was coding! I found a way to replicate the PCA plot from last week with a new software, but ran into errors when representing the “Normal” and diseased tissues within the plot. I’m still figuring out how to do this.

In the meantime, I’ve started making progress on identifying tissue-specific genes from the numerical RNA-seq data. This basically includes many mathematical transformations to segment the data, so I’ll be working on this next week as well. Hopefully my health will not betray me a third time.

4 Replies to “10- I’m running out of titles with the word “Data””

  1. Eva P. says:

    Hi Shreya! What kind of mathematical transformations did you use? Also, sorry that you’re sick again 🙁

  2. Allister L. says:

    Very interesting that math can correlate so closely to biology

  3. Arjun V. says:

    Sick again?! Aw man that sucks.

  4. Cindy K. says:

    I hope those errors got sorted out soon!

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