Week 10: Realtime

Apr 28, 2019

Things have actually begun coming together. The Raspberry Pi is somewhat compatible with Firebase, although I have had to switch to a less dynamic database option (Realtime). Therefore, the sensor data can be uploaded directly and consistently to ensure it is sufficiently reliable and up to date. In addition, I managed to switch the input source from the ultrasound sensor to the more accurate hall effect water flow meter. It was easy to implement in the database write program, although a certain syntax bug made the testing process tedious.


On the plus side, Realtime is stored in a hierarchical format, which should make querying all the data easier and more formattable. I can now take data from the hall effect sensor and display it directly onto a web application (potentially). I still have yet to figure out the syntax of reading from Realtime using Python (maybe a client library, such as Pyrebase). Looking forward to figuring that out soon.

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  1. Richa D. says:

    Hey Abhi, sounds like you have made a lot of progress this week! Good luck on figuring out the syntax of reading from Realtime using Python!

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