Week 10: Final Presentation and making a table

Apr 28, 2019

Hey guys,

This week, I did some work on my presentation that I talked about in one of the last two blog updates that I posted. I added some slides on the cost breakdowns in a table. So the first column was the item, for example supplies, salaries, bus, maintenance. The second column was cost estimate high, the third was cost estimate low, and the last column was additional notes. In the additional notes column, there were details such as “cost ranges based on retrofitted versus new buses.” Basically, it clarified all of the details contained in the item that I put in the first column.

Oh yah, so summary: I broke down the cost for each part and resources of/for the clinic.

Yep, that’s about it in this super short entry. See y’all next week!!

2 Replies to “Week 10: Final Presentation and making a table”

  1. Athena L. says:

    Hi Sowmya!

    Good job working on your presentation! Good luck with finishing the rest of your slides and working on your final product! (Did you say yours was going to be a paper? Or are you going to do the poster now?) Look forward to seeing how you’re going to finish the project off!

    1. Sowmya K. says:

      I was thinking paper still.

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