The One with the Procedures

Apr 28, 2019

After the background, the next part of the manuscript is the methods and materials section. The purpose of this section is to tell other scientists the necessary procedures to complete the experiment, so they can replicate it. When other scientists replicate experiments, the results are validated and become more trustworthy. The key to writing the methods section of the manuscript is specificity. Without specific equipment, sources, and steps, other scientists will not be able to replicate the experiment.

I started by explaining the specific mice we used in the study. I reviewed the process of cross-breeding the animals and manipulating their genes to reduce SIRT6 in some. I even talked about the housing and feeding of the mice. I went through each experiment in detail: Alizarin stains for measurement of calcium burden, echocardiography for measurement of aortic function, and immunohistochemical analysis for measurement of pro-osteogenesis.

I found this section to be the easiest to write. I only had to put the procedures I had completed onto paper. The only challenge was writing the specifics of the equipment we used. I had to contact my lab in Rochester for those details. To successfully write the methods sections, I read many other research manuscripts to help guide me.

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