Melanoma Week 10

Apr 28, 2019

This was a very stressful week for me. I thought I would get my QSI plot images, but instead, I was stuck re-annotating my images because of some of my nuclei identifications being incorrect, and though my advisor did not pick this up immediately, the QSI plot results helped determine there was something wrong with the data. To say I was frustrated would be a big understatement. I finally got QSI plots that I can actually use for my final presentation on Thursday night, but my advisor won’t be able to walk me through what the data means and how I can further analyze it until early May, which definitely scares me a bit. I don’t want to cut it too close to the presentation date and not have something to show when it comes to the rough draft, but I have no other option, as he is busy until then. In the meanwhile, I’ve continued annotating and started working on a Prezi presentation for my final product. Hopefully I have something to show at the end of these 2 coming weeks.

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