Fixing Aging Anxiety

Apr 28, 2019

It is clear that social media has resulted in an increase in the demand for aesthetic procedures. According to the aforementioned Psychology of Women Quarterly article: “More recently, cosmetic surgery has also become the focus of a number of popular reality television programs, such as Extreme Makeover (currently on air in Australia) and The Swan (Sarwer & Crerand, 2004), which present personal narratives of average people undergoing extensive cosmetic surgical procedures. … It is predicted that greater media exposure will be similarly associated with positive attitudes toward cosmetic surgery among middle-aged women.” While the direct effect of social media influence might be a spike in demand, (beneficial for the aesthetics industry) the indirect effects are ignored. The same article goes on to state: “[The] internalization of the media message linking middle-aged beauty with sexual desirability, happiness, wealth, and success may implicitly encourage the equation of appearance with self worth. In turn, cosmetic surgery may be regarded as an Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Surgery 67 attractive method for alleviating these appearance-focused concerns.”

When RenewMD female clients were polled, a 19% increase in confidence after cosmetic procedures was reported. Aesthetic enhancement to improve “appearance-focused concerns” has clearly been viewed as a solution to lack of confidence.Aging anxiety seems to be the main psychological problem that results from social media marketing for aesthetics. How do we fix it? This week I am finishing up the final paper and presentation to answer this question.

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