Avengers Endgame and the Effect of Hype

Apr 28, 2019

After watching Avengers Endgame (which was amazing and everyone should watch it) I began to think about one of the major components to the movie’s popularity: the hype behind it. This movie was one of the most anticipated movies of all time, and is projected to make as much as it’s predecessor, if not more. It also received incredible critical acclaim both from audiences and critics. The quality of the movie cannot be dismissed, however one aspect of the film’s draw was also the passionate following behind the film. The existence of hype influences the critic and audience scores in many ways. Despite many people looking into the project with supposed blank slates, the mere existence of such a large and anticipated product can drive review scores up just from the expectations. Conversely, the hype may sometimes be so high that the actual product seems inferior in the end. Such an example can be seen in Star Wars Episode 8, which was so highly anticipated people created many theories and predictions of the events of the film. These people were disappointed by the turn of events, some so disappointed that their expectation for all future Star Wars projects were subsequently decreased, leading to a large media storm and fallout. As the movie has currently grossed over a billion dollars in 3 days, the effects of the hype are clearly shown, though it remains to be seen in a post-Endgame society whether or not any blockbuster will be able to rival the success of this project.

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