Week 10: Troubleshooting the 3 black-boxes

Apr 27, 2019

I started this week off by working on the XGBoost package. In order to format the data correctly, I had to convert the training/testing data into a matrix using the as.matrix() function and the training/testing labels into a string of integers using the as.integer() function. The 2 parameters “max.depth” and “nrounds” are used to increase or decrease the functions accuracy. By fine-tuning these 2 aspects, I was able to get an accuracy of 92.23%!

For randomForest, I also ran into a formatting issue, but thankfully, when I applied the as.matrix() and as.integer() functions to the data, the function went through. After I applied the randomForest regression techniques to the data, I used the predict function to predict the labels. Again, I had to convert the testing data into a matrix with as.matrix(). Unfortunately, after running this, I got an accuracy of around 55%, which is pretty low. During Week 11, I’ll be working on raising this accuracy.

I only started looking into adaboost, and it seems as though the package it uses is called “fastAdaboost.” I’ll also be spending time next week to figure this out.

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  1. Vidur Gupta says:

    Great to hear about your excellent progress, 94% is awesome for accuracy levels!

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