Week 10: Mother’s Day Sale

Apr 26, 2019

Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought I should begin to testing ad copy related to Mother’s Day. Another thing I was working on was a concept known as loss aversion marketing. The general premise is the idea that humans are more motivated by loss than by gain. For example, suppose I was an English program. Rather than advertise it as “Learn English for just 15 minutes a day” (where you are moving people toward a goal), it is better to advertise your program as “Are you making these 3 mistakes in English?” The pros of this style is 1) People start to wonder if they are making English mistakes (it gets them thinking) and 2) They don’t want to embarrass themselves so they are more likely to buy your program (again, because they are motivated by not wanting to look dumb in front of their peers aka avoiding the loss).

Anyways, I will let you guys know more in the upcoming weeks.

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