The End is in Sight!

Apr 24, 2019

Hello, hello! Welcome back my blog!

Diving right into it, I’ve fixed the dialogue that needed fixing last week! But of course, there’s a new issue: The story needs restructuring 🙂 As of now, my pilot is 37 pages long which is way over the page limit of comedy pilots (22 pages) and my Act 2 is 21 pages as compared to 10 pages for Act 1 and 16 pages for Act 3. Besides that, I have a few issues with the timeline of the episode, specifically with the scene where Mr. Bennet reveals that he’s already met with the mysterious Mr. Bingley. So to fix that, Roslind, my advisor, suggested I create a beat board, which is a physical representation of your episode.

In addition to the beat board, Roslind also suggested that to save time, I cramp most of Jane’s descent into cleaning madness into a voice-over summary given by Elizabeth. This will make the mockumentary style of the show more obvious, adds humor, and proves Elizabeth unreliability as a narrator; Elizabeth will gloss over Jane’s sadness and insist all Jane needs is to get back into the dating game.

Besides restructuring the story, Roslind and I discussed maybe having Jane feeling fed up with Elizabeth constantly steamrolling her and trying to push her back into dating when she is clearly not ready, but I don’t know. Jane is super sweet and timid but chooses to repress her emotions rather than express them; as the eldest daughter, she had to act as a third parent to her siblings and was forced to grow up the fastest. So would blowing up at her sister be in character? Or would it be a hint to the growth Jane will undergo in the series? Let me know what you think!

Finally, with the help of Mr. Hansen, I wrote what I think is my favorite scene! Check it out below:

That’s all for this week folks. Next week, I’ll be able to show you Version 5 (or 6? I’ve lost count) of my pilot and it probably won’t be the final version either 🙂

This week, I’ve been listening to Lolo Zouaï’s new album High Highs to Low Lows, specifically “Moi”. I love this song so much and if I knew French, I would love it more :’)

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  1. Allister L. says:

    I’m really really excited for this one Anu I can’t wait to see it in full!!!

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