Week 9 Update

Apr 22, 2019

Hello everyone! I’ve finished most of my share of the accounting and my parking analysis spreadsheet as of today, so I’m moving onto bigger/larger projects

First of all, that staff report that I mentioned last week — last week, I interviewed 2 more of my coworkers about the workings of Republic; it was a combination of absurd, longwindeded, and very informative. Take one of the top executives, who, called himself, and I quote, “a glorified babysitter” for his many contractors, and what’s even sadder is that is both incredibly accurate and a sign of how much he’s needed to build Republic’s developments on time and on a schedule. A happier side of the spectrum was when I talked to one of our top forward planners, Susan Mineta(AS IN FORMER MAYOR NORMAN MINETA!!!) about a medical complex she’s been working on right next to Evergreen Valley College called Montgomery Place; in spite of the opposition of a rather vocal minority in Evergreen and the City’s (San Jose) chronic undermanning of its Planning Department, she’s been working tirelessly to finish the entitlement/approval process for the development.

I recommend you keep up with Montgomery’s development!
Happy Monday everyone!


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  1. Richa D. says:

    Hi Brandon, it’s interesting to hear how the Republic works from behind the scenes. I’d love to learn more from your other coworkers!

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