Week 9 – Photoshoot

Apr 22, 2019

For the ninth week of my project, I began taking photos of outfits showcasing both different styles and different technologies/techwear around the Bay Area. The outfits are curated by myself, reflecting both designers I endorse for their progressive ideologies and business practices as well as styles inspired by the Silicon Valley tech culture.

My goal for the end of my project is to have a photobook detailing the many ways in which both hardware and software technologies from the Bay Area are implemented in the fashion industry worldwide alongside images of these technologies and the aforementioned outfits which I have styled myself. My purpose is to shed light on the issues affecting the fashion industry (as well as their potential solutions through technology), while also showcasing my passion for styling.

I have reached out to a couple of publishers and will hopefully be on track to making a few hard copies of my photobook within the next couple of weeks!

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