Week 8/9/10: Urinetown, Video, Soundbooth

Apr 22, 2019

I’ve finally finished up my acting in Urinetown, the school musical. Boy, was it rough. Two weeks of nonstop performances, rehearsals, and practice. Playing the lead role and singing 8 songs really takes it out of you. Our last performance was on the 21st, and I’m starting to see how much work I have left. I’m out of town from Tuesday to Friday of Week 11, and I’ve realised that just designing basic character mechanics takes a LOT longer than I originally thought.

I’ve been requested to make a short video showcasing what I have so far! Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/0KqeJ8IM0pU . It’s a 4-minute video showing the different mechanics in my game, such as:
-storing items
-door and key

My on-site mentor, Mr. Dias, and I have been working on sounds, using Cogswell’s sound booth. Here’s some images:

As for how much work I have left, I need to:

-Finish designing the final level
-Record any sounds I need
-Add all sounds into the game


I’m gonna be trying to do this all after I get back from New York, so it’s crunch time!

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  1. Ms. Jefferson says:

    Glad you made a video showcasing your work! That is some oppressive darkness. The ‘monster’ seems pretty spooky but your video showcases its flaws. Great job so far!
    Fun fact: Photos and videos make blog posts more fun to read.

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