Shadowing Patients

Apr 21, 2019

I have spent the last week shadowing patients and interviewing them for my podcast, which I plan to finish over the next week. This shadowing session was significantly more diverse, in terms of age, gender, race, and treatment. In speaking with patients, I have categorized them into 3 paths: Ethnic skincare, age-related treatments, and weight loss. Ethnic skincare seems to be a broad spectrum, mainly addressing skin lightening and acne scarring. Age related treatments deal with botox, and fillers — injectables, while weight loss patients generally concern body sculpting practices.

Most patients whom I have interviewed seem to fall under the ethnic skincare path, favoring skin lightening treatments. Amongst these patients a majority are of South Asian background, of higher income levels, and feel that they finally have the means to address hyper-pigmentation.

In my project, i have been focusing on the gender disparity in aesthetics patients. In speaking with patients, it is clear that there is a gender disparity in specific procedures as well.

Over the next week I will be recording and producing the segment of my podcast that tackles with how much Social media marketing is to blame, and how we can fix it.

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