#10 – what kind of story do i want to write?

Apr 21, 2019

Hello reader!

This week I did a lot of coding, structuring, and trying out different ways to write my final article. Ms. McLean and Mr. Hansen gave me really helpful advice on how to construct an interesting narrative. Although I have over 100 pages of transcript and the task seems daunting, I’m excited to finally start writing! If you are confused by the word coding, it is just a way of categorizing so I have different themes to write about, and I basically highlight my transcripts in 7 colors so I know where to look at when I want more information on, for example, career satisfaction for artists.

The 7 categories I currently use are:

This is not the order I will write in for the article, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what themes I want to focus more on. More than anything, I want the story to be accurate, unbiased, and interestingly informational to outsiders.

Furthermore, it was a rather busy week because I was in Chicago since Wednesday for my college’s admitted student event. The Windy City was truly cold and windy, but I’ve met some amazing people that make me really excited go to school with them! I’m also traveling next week for a few days, but I will continue to write the article since the deadline is so close.


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  1. Rithvik A. says:

    This seems like a cool way to organize your info

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