Week 9 – finishing outlining

Apr 18, 2019

Hi all,

This week, I finished outlining my research paper. My research paper will include data cleansing and the methods of documenting data, what a typical data science project entails, and a description of what the NPS is and helps accomplish. Additionally, it will contain a brief introduction to the Tableau software. Finally, the final product will be data visualization via graphs and statistical data. At the end of my paper, I will have a couple of paragraph conclusion of my data, its significance, and a summary of my research.



3 Replies to “Week 9 – finishing outlining”

  1. Rohit P. says:

    That’s looking really good!

  2. Serina K. says:

    That’s great Shreyas! Good luck on completing your research paper!

  3. Partha V. says:

    Good Luck buddy

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