Finalizing: Networking, Meeting, Discussing (Week 8)

Apr 17, 2019

Hello blog readers!

As we go onto new weeks and in week 8, it looks like I have learnt a lot so far. From learning new programming practices to generally understanding how professional coding works in an enterprise level, this senior project experience has been eventful and inspiring.

I started off this week by attending the AWS Summit in Santa Clara. Though it was a small local event, I got to talk with professionals and students from various computer-related industries. I was able to share my ideas as well as learn about other innovations people are working on. It is definitely exciting and eye-opening to see what the world is doing, and it was a big shift from my small workstation. It inspires me to do even more and keep learning!

From the last post, I did finish most of the Visio diagrams. It made me understand everything from start to end and the future looks clear. I’ll be posting them here once they are ready for publishing.

I also had discussions with my advisors, and I learnt that my ideas can be looked in different angles. On one way, it could be a P2P application between computers, or maybe a bigger blockchain-like application.

After talking and learning, I decided to spend time on coding as well. Starting from my own interpretation of basic RSA and encryption using modulo and power mathematical functions, I made my own implementation. Using BigInteger to accommodate for the big bit sizes commanded by encryption algorithms for security, I had to use completely different functions to do basic mathematics. It was partially working, but unfortunately it is giving 0’s when used with 2048-bit encryption keys.

The next week I will be working to fix this. Let’s see what is in account for next week!

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