Editing Audio Clips and Researching Marketing Strategies

Apr 17, 2019

This week I am compiling Audio Clips as well as researching marketing strategies to make the aesthetics industry less sexist in their marketing approach. In doing so, I have spoken to RenewMD director of social media to find out what exactly the marketing strategy is. Mainly centered around skincare and wellness, the instagram posts are meant to draw in a community of women focused on self-care. I am exploring the context of each post and the analytics, to find out how effective they are as well.

I am currently also reading John List and Uri Gneezy’s book, The Why Axis, to research the effect that physical appearance has on perception of performance. From this research I am aiming to understand how to effectively market to a consumer base in a way that doesn’t hold them to an unreal standard to beauty.

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  1. Serina K. says:

    Good luck on getting information from The Why Axis!

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