Week 8 – same old, same old

Apr 16, 2019

We all know the rule. To have valid conclusions and data, your experiments must be reproducible. I spent most of this week redoing most of the experiments on different samples and analyzing it. Which by the way, I have been able to accumulate a lot of data for!

It’s been the same routine: prepping sample, doing flow, then analyzing it. I don’t have enough sharable content, so here’s a random “Day in the life of Mabel’s senior project.”

Below is actually a more interesting day for me, it’s fun for me to write out and hopefully more fun to read!

10 am – Eta (my lab mentor) is presenting his project in front of the different labs all on our floor! We are a part of the hematopoiesis program, and are all studying topics related to blood. I unfortunately wasn’t able to make it and I missed out on good free food!

11 am – I wasn’t paying attention and the muni train ran right past me. I had to wait an extra 10 min.

11:30 am – I’m finally here! I go up to find that the meeting is finished and my lab mates are trying out Justin’s boosted board. It’s so amusing seeing them test it out. The first thing Justin asks me is I’ve heard boy with luv and I reply yes(!!). It was a very important matter.

12 pm – I talk to Eta to line out my day’s work like normal. But checking the flow schedule it seems it is all booked :(. So I go back and do some genotyping.

1 pm – The samples are prepped and undergoing PCR in the PCR machine. I make the gel while waiting for the PCR to finish.

2 pm – Lunch time! Catching up with my lab mates and talking about random stuff. We talk everything from doggies to BTS again to lab stuff.

2:30 pm – I help Justin with imaging his western. Well, more like he teaches me and I practice imaging westerns.

3 pm – I finally load the gel with the sample and run it.

3:30 pm – I imaged the gel to see the bands, however much to my surprise I got weird results. It’s streaky and the bands are absolutely not visible.

shortly after – Trouble shooting! My lab PI says it looks like hershey kisses and while talking about possible causes I suddenly remembered. I loaded the gel while it was still in the mold not submerged in buffer. *facepalm* I’ve done this so many times so obviously my mind was in a different place.

4:30 -Time to go home – I totally forgot there was renovation on the road, and there was a different stop for the next two weeks.

5 pm – reached the station, but it takes forever for my BART train to arrive. As usual it’s super packed which means lots of squishing inside the train station, and inside the train. It brings out a lot of angst in people and interesting loud conversations to overhear going home.

6:30 pm – I’m finally home. 🙂 super tired but happy to see my good boi.


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  1. Vanya B. says:

    It sounds like you’re doing some really cool stuff, especially with PCR. I love that your lab has you doing a lot of hands-on work. Your blog posts are always so fun to read, love getting to know about your days!

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