Week 8 and 9: more babies

Apr 15, 2019

These past two weeks have consisted of the same stuff. I have been working on all of the new squirrels and possums being admitted by making formula and different growth stage plates and feeding them every couple hours. Because I have started to take the afternoon shift of 12-4, I no longer work on the hawks, baby birds, and adult animals. More of my focus is towards the orphaned or injured baby squirrels and possums or any of the intakes where new animals are admitted. This is because the adult animals, baby birds, and raptors need twice a day only, which would be the morning and evening shift. While I don’t think I will work with them again anytime soon, it was enough to learn much valuable information for my project.

My internship is soon coming to a wrap as well as I am now starting to focus on putting together my project. All that’s left to do at my internship location is gather as much data as possible with all of the numerous intakes being admitted.


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