Melanoma Week 8

Apr 15, 2019

This week was really busy for me with college tours and all. Besides that, I did have a meeting with my external advisor to talk about results. Much to my surprise, he’s pleased with my progress so far, and wants me to continue my work beyond the duration of this project and well into my college years. I was thrilled to hear that he’ll be working with me all those years. Other than that, we talked about where we’re at with the research so far. Unfortunately, it’s not far enough to have any tangible results, but we’re spending this next week applying R to the QSI method to plot the results. The goal is to have this ready by next Friday, which is when I’ll show Dr. Murthy a rough draft of what my presentation will look like. I’ll dive into what each stage is about as I have been doing in previous blog posts, but will try to add more details and visuals with permissions from my advisors. I’m really excited to be where I’m at with this project and think that everything is headed in the right direction. Hopefully this next week I’ll really be able to start wrapping up my annotations for this month so I can focus on plotting my data and creating a presentation and poster that educates people about melanoma while also being understandable by the general public.

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  1. Mabel H. says:

    it’s exciting that you are continuing this work in the future! way to go!

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