6- The Chronicles of Data

Apr 15, 2019

So this week I began the initial analysis for my now normalized and (hopefully) perfectly edited dataset. I generated a Pearson correlation matrix between all the tissues as a starting point, and will use this in order to cluster the tissue types later on.

I also presented to the head of the lab, and got some useful insights into my project. Apparently, questions have been raised in the past about the accuracy of GTEx data based on the sample descriptions, but nobody has really had the patience to analyze the data before. I don’t have much patience either, so we’ll see how this goes. Kidding!

Anyways, I’ll be going deeper into analysis next week, while checking my results with those I’ve replicated from the official GTEx paper, and with prior knowledge. I’ll keep you updated!

2 Replies to “6- The Chronicles of Data”

  1. Eva P. says:

    That’s really cool, Shreya! What’s a Pearson correlation matrix (excuse my ignorance oof)

  2. Cindy K. says:

    Glad to hear that your presentation went well!

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