Apr 14, 2019

9 weeks..over 2 months of research (well for me technically it’s about 6 months of research if I include my other project). Feels good to be almost done, but then again I remember that there’s one post-doc in my lab who’s been working on his project for over two years and he’s about to publish his results. Researchers are really hardcore. But enough about that, I wanna talk to you about my project.

  1. Project’s basically done. I got all my results, I’ve analyzed everything. I’ve basically come up with reasonable theories that my professor agrees with.
  2. I started my presentation a couple weeks ago but I haven’t been able to update it until now.
  3. All I need to do next week is basically talk to my professor again so that he can look over my presentation and data and basically everything.
  4. I’ve started on my paper. My professor says that I should be able to publish it some time next month.

That’s pretty much all I have to say to you this week. Next week I’m going to give you guys an overview of my experience at the lab, my thoughts about my project and about research in general, and some tips for prospective researchers and interns. But until then, have a good week 🙂

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  1. Timothy C. says:

    Cool! Hope you finish your project strong.

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