The One with the Manuscript

Apr 14, 2019

After completing the data collection, data analysis, and the creation of the research poster, my work during the summer was completed. However, I didn’t feel that my journey with this research was supposed to end there, so I spoke to my principal investigator and asked if I could continue working with him for my senior project. So for these 12 weeks, I have been writing my research manuscript and trying to publish it in a scientific journal.

A scientific research manuscript goes beyond just presenting the facts of the experiment. It allows scientific researchers to effectively convey the research to the readers. The manuscript should contain:

  1. Background – Sets the context for the research and the problem you are trying to solve. Shows why the research is significant to the scientific community.
  2. Methods – Provides the full details of the techniques and instruments used. Allows the research to be reproduced by other researchers.
  3. Results – Includes all the data and results. Highlights the most significant findings and mentions peripheral findings.
  4. Discussion – Extends the results to their broader significances, which is then tied into the general background section.
  5. Conclusion – States the main conclusions of the study. Tells the reader what new knowledge has been introduced and adds more to the broader implications of the study.

This paper will be the conclusion of my research, allowing me to have been a part of it from start to finish!

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