Week 9 – Results!

Apr 13, 2019

Method 2, which analyzes word concreteness, is completely finished! I ran the method over 1,000 times and was able to achieve an average accuracy a little over 50%. To give a sense of context, previous algorithms written by professional teams with the same intent would achieve accuracies ranging from 60% to 85%. While I know that a method with a 50% accuracy rating is not exactly utilitarian, I’m really happy that I was able to complete the method and do this research. I consider this Senior Project more as a gateway project, to introduce me to the kind of work I’ll be doing in college and beyond. I now have good, solid results to present at the final Senior Project presentations, results that I am undeniably proud of.

It should be mentioned that I won’t be coding method 3, and I’m not 100% certain if I will be able to finish method 2. Later today, April 13th, my family and I leave for a trip to France–I won’t be able to take my laptop because flight regulations prohibit a bag that can carry it. I would only have time for my project on the plane flight, and method 1 also requires internet to work, so I wouldn’t be able to work on it anyways. This leaves me with about a week of work before presentations are due, and I don’t believe this is enough to comfortably finish the method. I worked hard during the past two weeks on method 2 so I could at least finish that before the trip, a goal I that I was thankfully able to accomplish. I’m not going to panic if I don’t finish method 1, however–I already have good results to present at the final presentations, and if I don’t finish, I’ll be able to continue this research outside of my Senior Project!

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  1. Anjali S. says:

    1,000 times…that’s impressive! Even I am modifying some of my original goals in my project. Also, have fun in France!

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