Week 8: The Other Two Rockets

Apr 10, 2019


This week was mostly a continuation of the week prior, where I worked on building the other two model rockets to be flown. Because I have already completed one rocket, the schedule for this week is an exact mirror of the past. I will build the rocket using epoxy and soldering methods, and then once the rocket is sturdy and dry, I will spray paint them. This work is extremely tedious and repetitive, but it is crucial to the success of my research project.

After the rockets have been built—they are almost complete—I will schedule a launch in late April and then launch my rockets. On top of that, I will install the altimeter that I have coded into the rocket.

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  1. Edrea J. says:

    Although the work is tedious, you’re making good progress. It seems like you’ll be able to test the rockets soon!

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