Week 7: Creating the Rocket

Apr 09, 2019

Monday: I stayed at home today, because I needed a break from the constant soldering and lab work that I was undergoing.

Tuesday: Today I continued the coupler sandpapering that I was working on Friday and Saturday, trying to hit the sweet spot. The work is extremely tedious, not necessarily hard but extremely time consuming.

Wednesday: Today I finished sandpapering and connecting the coupler to the rocket body via epoxy.

Thursday: Today I finalized the creation of the first rocket entirely, pulling off any excess epoxy and sandpapering out any inconsistencies within the outer layer. Tomorrow, I will paint the rocket, and then I will start creating the other two rockets. These creations should take significantly less time than the initial rocket, because I now have a more keen sense of what I am doing.

Friday: Today I spray painted the rocket. I decided that this one will be blue and red. The week as a whole was productive yet tedious. Although I look forward to more weeks with such immense amounts of progress, I do hope that my work will get more interesting.

4 Replies to “Week 7: Creating the Rocket”

  1. Swarit J. says:

    Excited to learn more, Akhil!

  2. Edrea J. says:

    Although your work was tedious, I’m sure it was productive. Will you be able to show us some pictures of the rocket?

  3. Shiven G. says:

    Nice! Can you post some pictures?

  4. Chethan B. says:

    There’s always a little bit of tedious work, even in the most interesting projects. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make the rest of the rockets more easily now that you have some practice.

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