Week 7 – Monterey and Las Vegas

Apr 08, 2019

In week 7, I spent 5/7 days out of town between my two regional FRC Robotics tournaments – the Monterey Bay Regional and the Las Vegas regional. Consequently I wasn’t able to make it to the office, but I did do a little research independently.

I was interested in learning the specifics behind the algorithms some companies use in artificially intelligent programs which can try and predict trends and create designs accordingly. Next week I will be back in the office and discussing/presenting this topic alongside my collection of research on the strategies of other big retailers.

On a side note, my team placed in semi finals at Monterey and quarter finals at Las Vegas! We also won the entrepreneurship and autonomous award! I’m proud to have helped found this team and see it progress to where it has come 🙂

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  1. Samrit M. says:


  2. Arhan Jain says:

    I’ve been following your project for a while and it seems very interesting! I remember being in Vegas too for my FRC competition. It’s surprising I didn’t see you! My friend Veal Arjun Prakash was also there and he was performing his world famous Kathak dance!

  3. Simran S. says:

    Congrats !!!

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