Week 7: Direction

Apr 08, 2019

Hello everyone,

Since presentations are just around the corner, I’ve been brainstorming how to mold my project in a way that it could be easily presented. Yes, the code may be interesting for some but I want to make my presentation contain less jargon and more facts that can be interesting for all.

As I consider what questions may be asked regarding the design and real-world implications of my project, it has led me to organize and simplify my work from the big jumble that it was. I was thinking that I could approach the presentation by giving the audience real statistics on Obstructive Sleep Apnea, explaining the available online sleep tests, and then describing the significance of my tool in potentially legitimizing OSA concerns for people so further actions (Ex: a real, expensive polysomnograph) can be taken.

I’ve been progressing in my ML course. The end of it seems near but I’ve been decreasing the pace to learn the content more thoroughly. Soon I’ll have to allocate more of my course time to the project itself as presentation time is nearing.

Please give any feedback that you all may have in terms of what should be shown in the presentation!

Thank you!


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