week 8 – more coding

Apr 07, 2019

Hi all!

This week was also mostly spent coding – I definitely did not realize how much mindless work building a website would actually take. On the bright side, I was able to mostly finish the UI (user interface) of the website, meaning that I was able to make it pretty easy to navigate. I have mostly finished adding all the pages, the information, pictures, logos, etc., and now the main task at hand is actually filling up the database with information. Using SQL, which I mostly learned over the course of the school year, I’ll be able to fill up the database with information and then be able to use filters so that the user can narrow down the information that they want to see.

Once all of that is done, hopefully the site will be able to go live!

Sorry this week’s post is so short, but it’s hard to describe the code in depth, especially since most of it was just dummy work. Hopefully when I start filling the database up with information next week, I’ll be able to describe it better. I’ll be back soon with more updates!

3 Replies to “week 8 – more coding”

  1. David Z. says:

    Pumped to see your site going live.

  2. Vivian L. says:

    I wanna visit the site. Will you send a link next week?

  3. Rithvik A. says:

    Good luck with the coding! I can’t wait to view the site.

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