Week 7 Update – Numbers, Numbers, and NUMBERS~~

Apr 07, 2019

Happy weekend everyone!
Once again, this week was quiet, though productive here at Republic.
My boss managed to finish up a tough lease deal with Kaiser Permanente in Evergreen, my coworker Konstantine’s having a baby soon, and me?

Well, this week, I primarily concentrated on learning the financial details of work here at Republic. For one, my mentor, Brian, and I examined the current edition of the “Pro Forma” for the Millbrae Gateway project; for those of you to whom “Pro Forma” is all Latin to you (eh? eh?), a Pro Forma is a financial analysis of what course of action would make the most profit. For Millbrae, we were analyzing whether or not leasing the building to an outside entity, selling the development outright, or managing it ourselves would recoup the most of the building costs and bring us the most profit.

Furthermore, I also lent Republic’s financial controller, Lois (she hosted an international Basis student at her place for a while!) a hand in organizing the company finances — and boy, I’ve liearned about half the business just by having to go through my mentor’s old and absolutely horrid organization systems! If any of you guys decide to open up your own business in the future, make sure to keep your financials as organized as possible — your accountants and bank accounts will be crying from happiness!!

In short, real estate is not just a business of sleight-of-hand wheeling-and-dealing, but understanding different brands of CONSTANT VIGILANCE over the state of your finances.
I’ll never forget that, and so should you!
Thanks for listening!

Warm regards,

P.S. — To all my fellow students who went to Saturday’s prom, thanks for a great time!

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  1. Richa D. says:

    Hi Brandon, it’s great to hear that you are learning so much about company finances! Keep pushing through and organizing all those outdated systems!

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