Week 7: Good Data!

Apr 07, 2019

Hello! Welcome back to Blog #7!

This week was very productive for me, I finished two luciferase assay experiments to prove that my splicing reporter works! First, I tested my splicing reporter in cardiomyocytes. Though I only had enough cells for 2 replicates of each condition, I was able to show that in healthy cardiomyocytes with functional RBM20, more luciferase is produced than in diseased cardiomyocytes with a mutated RBM20. This was very exciting because it shows that my splicing reporter should work as intended in experiments involving healthy and diseased cells.

Today, I finished another assay on HEK293T cells. The only difference between this experiment and my last HEK293T experiment is that there were more data points, so the results should be statistically more significant. I’m currently in the process of making graphs for all the data I’ve gotten in the last few weeks, but I should have them ready by next week.

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  1. Pranavamshiva V. says:

    Hey that’s great that you got some good results this week! I’m impressed you were able to get some feasible results too despite the shortage of cells. How many trials are you thinking of doing? The more data the better!

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