Mid-Project Reflection

Apr 07, 2019

As week 7 drew to a close, I performed some self-analysis, and quickly realized that there is a significant discrepancy between my current state and where I was initially shooting for in terms of my output for the project. The hardware especially will turn out to be the limiting reactant, as I have not fully tested the product, much less ordered all the materials necessary for the study portion of the project. I must also address the issue of powering the sensor unit, as I am not sure if the power bank will last me the entirety of the week or two that the study will be performed.


In addition, I have a significant amount of setup to do in terms of downloading and running the necessary software on each of the microcontrollers, and figuring out how to push data from a google drive text file to the firebase cloud database. In short, I have a lot more work I need to do before I finalize participants and implement my project.

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  1. Richa D. says:

    Hi Abhi, you seem like you have a solid plan, just keep pushing through and you will meet your initial plan soon enough!

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