Week 6 Update

Apr 05, 2019

Well, hello everyone!
Last week was incredibly tumultous here at Republic.
I’ll start with the most relevant even this week — we finally finished the design-review process for the Millbrae Gateway project at BART, finishing almost a year’s worth of work and equally long political “criticism” from Millbrae to finalize the majority of this crucial housing project.

Throughout my (admittedly short) experience with Millbrae and Republic, I’ve learned that the majority of the delays, at least from a design perspective, come about due to political interference, and NOT the principled criticism that is actually worthy of slowing Gateway down

The best example of this is a very vocal minority in Millbrae’s city council, namely Councilwoman Gina Papan and Mayor Wayne Lee, who have nursed a powerful grudge against Republic ever since 2012.

Take a corner retail location in the Millbrae BART project, which in one of the tentative illustrations, showed an ice cream shop as a placeholder while Republic searched for a more suitable tenant. She used such minor details as an excuse to delay the meeting until almost midnight, filibustering (the prattling-forever kind of filibuster, with no rules to end it) the entire project simply to delay and cancel the project, even after seven years of project development and widespread local support have essentially guaranteed Gateway’s development.

This, unfortunately, goes to show the necessity for developers to engage both with the community and the politicians who lead them, heading off personal grudges that could lead to situations with people like Papan. (Sigh..)

I’ll see you all soon with my next update!
– Brandon
PS. Sorry for the late blogpost — I’ve had a horrible cold for the past five days so far. I hope this was as informative as possible!

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  1. Richa D. says:

    Hi Brandon, congratulations on completing the design-review process for the Millbrae Gateway project at BART! It’s surprising to hear that most delays are caused by political interference… I hope there are no such delays in the future for the Republic!

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