Week 6: New Datasets

Apr 02, 2019

Hello everyone,

In addition to the sleep dataset that I have received from the startup, I was looking online for more datasets and came across the National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR). I spent time looking at various studies with hundreds, if not thousands, of subjects and different age groups. One that caught my eye was the Cleveland Family Study (CFS) which is the largest family-based study of sleep apnea worldwide. It was conducted over a period of 16 years with 361 families (2,284 individuals altogether).

When this project initially started, I wanted to create it as a resource for my peers but since the dataset I was being given didn’t have the data of teenagers and adolescents, I decided otherwise. Now I may be able to consider taking my project in a different direction.

Thank you,


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  1. Sahil J. says:

    If it’s family data, then would you be able to create a model such that the prediction is different and refined based on the age that the individual being tested is?

    I’m guessing the family dataset has some data for adolescents as well? Curious to know…

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