Rewriting: Cleaning Code, Structuring, Making Efficient (Week 7)

Apr 02, 2019

Hello blog readers!

As of this week, I decided to spend time on making my code efficient. Discussing with my advisors and evaluating my progress, I feel as if I have the right tools to finish this project. At the same time, I want to make this code work, and I have spent this week creating flow-charts and mockups of the application, so I have a better idea of the end goal.

I learnt that in coding, design and management is equally important to coding, and it is often better to spend some time on these tasks rather than jumping to code. For that reason, this week and next week will be spent in cleaning the code and making sure it is readable and usable.

One Reply to “Rewriting: Cleaning Code, Structuring, Making Efficient (Week 7)”

  1. Arshia S. says:

    Awesome, and I completely agree with you about design and management.

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